Are You Washing Your Jewelry the Wrong Way?

Are You Washing Your Jewelry the Wrong Way? How Water Damages Your Jewelry (& What to Do About It) What is an All-Natural Jewelry Cleaner? Jewelry is an intimate part of a persons’s life and should be treated as such. When it comes to jewelry, there are some tips that women can follow for keeping [...]

Jewelry Cleaning Methods

Jewelry Cleaning Methods There are various brands of Jewelry Cleaners on the market. Depending on how the jewelry is manufactured, these products may or may not be safe for your jewelery. Before using anyJewelry Cleaner, take a closer look at theJewelry and understand what it is made of.   First, do not immerse the jewelry [...]

Why People Wear Jewelery

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Why People Wear Jewelry As far as we know, people have been wearing jewelery since the existence of mankind. So why are they doing that? There are actually several reasons. That's probably why it's so universal. Jewellery American (jewelry) and British English (jewellery) are spelled differently in personal jewelry such as necklaces, rings, brooches and [...]

Sell your jewelry and get the most out of it

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Sell your jewelry and get the most out of it When you sell your jewelry is it a victory or tragedy? Which is better, root canal treatment, paying taxes, or selling jewelry? This is not a good choice, but here are some insights that can help you get rid of frustration from selling your jewelry. [...]

Exporting jewelry wholesale

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Exporting jewelry wholesale   If you plan to run wholesale jewelry, you may need to find out if it is legal. First, you need to understand that sending a single jewel to another country, in fact "export goods". This is true even if the country is Mexico or Canada! It doesn't matter where it goes, [...]

How to buy wholesale silver jewelry

Silver Jewelry
How to buy wholesale silver jewelry Silver jewelry isn't only beautiful, it's very fashionable and stylish . Silver jewelry accessories whatever you enjoy and it's generally less costly than gold jewels. There are many sources  that you simply can purchase wholesale silver jewelry but the the web will provide you with the widest possible selection. [...]

Wholesale Antique Jewelry

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Wholesale Antique Jewelry Antique jewelry is often very valuable and buying these jewels costs a lot of money. But again, it is possible to buy old jewelry also wholesale, if you know where to look. Most people think that online auctions, like eBay is the way to go. While this is true from time to [...]

How to buy wholesale jewelry

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Buying wholesale jewelry is actually quite easy. The Internet gives you access to all wholesale jewelry businesses you might need to do your selections, so you can buy exactly what want or need - at very competitive prices. There is a difference between online jewelry stores and online wholesale companies. Jewelry online Stores sell jewelry [...]

Men’s Necklace Styles-Jewelry for Men

man wearing brown top and necklace
5 Men's Necklace Styles Masculine Male  Every Man Should Consider.   Today I'm going to be giving you a guide on men's necklaces.  Today, I'm really just going to be talking about the five styles, five styles which you should consider. I know this is a pretty controversial subject. This is something a lot of [...]

Should you buy a Lab Grown Diamond?

Should you buy a Lab Grown Diamond? I'm going to show you a side-by-side comparison of a 2ct NaturalDiamond next to a 2ct Lab Grown Diamond, Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my website where I talk about all things Diamonds! Okay today's really exciting because in this article we're gonna talk about. . . can [...]