Should you buy a Lab Grown Diamond?

Should you buy a Lab Grown ?

I’m going to show you a side-by-side comparison of a 2ct NaturalDiamond next to a 2ct Lab Grown , Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my website where I talk about all things Diamonds! Okay today’s really exciting because in this article we’re gonna talk about. . . can you guess?

Natural versus Lab Grown Diamonds! This is probably been one of the hottest, most trending topic in ourindustry for this past you know, 2-3 years alot of consumers are curious about it, they want to knowwhat is a Lab Grown Diamond?Is it a fake Diamond? How does it compare to a Natural Diamond? Which one should I buy?

What are the pros and cons? I’m definitely gonna be answering all of those questions but besides that I’m also going to be showing you a live comparison of a 2ct Natural Round Diamond next to a 2ct Lab Grown Diamond of the same quality.So make sure you read all the way through! I’ll try to make it as comprehensive as possible, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!Let’s get started!

Question #1 Is a Lab Grown Diamond a fake Diamond?and How is it different from a Natural Diamond?Okay! So first of all Natural Diamonds are natural, created by nature, formed underneath the Earth with intense heat and pressure over the course of billions of years! VS Lab Grown Diamonds which are basically a synthetic version of a Natural Diamond created in the lab! And you can probably make it in a matter of weeks, that’s how they’re different but visually they look the same they share the same chemical composition, carbon so they’re gonna look the same, feel the same, sparkle the same,

if you get the right quality and if you know quality cuts and make sure that everything fine with there’s, you know no milkiness, brown, blue tinge and we can get into that in a separate article but yeah so visually they’re the same.Another thing to keep in mind is when people say fake Diamond I feel like they’re talking about like, cubic Zirconia and like other Diamond simulants, that are not made of carbon right? so CZ like Cubic Zirconia would be a good example of that and you can you know purchase that easily in any custom store so that’s number one!


Lab Grown vs Natural Diamond Comparison


Question #2 Should I buy a Natural or a Lab Grown Diamond?Okay! Despite the similarities of those two visually, there’s still a really big difference between the two and the reason I say that is because well first of all every buyer has a different priority right? so what’s important to me might not be important to you!

For example like you know I’m Chinese and my parents growing up, my parents are always like “oh we want to buy gold and Diamonds and it retains its value” so this is something that’s important to them and that that’s what they’ve taught me but it could be a completely different scenario for you so I would say do a lot of research before you come to a decision, but I want to present you with the facts, right? This is why I’m making this article, of course You should do your own research but. . .The first thing I want to talk about is probably price! Right?

Because that’s a lot of people are thinking, oh okay so uh you know for a Natural Diamond of this size, you know what can I get in Lab Grown? Can I get a bigger one? Better quality?So in general the cost of Lab Grown Diamonds, I would say is about 35%of what a Natural Diamond cost.So for examplein this article I’m about to show you acomparison of a 2ct Round G/VS2 versusLab Grown G/VS2, also 2ct of the same qualitySee the Natural is $20,000and the Lab Grown is like $7000 so that’s about like 35% of the cost of the Natural for Lab Grown but there is a big thing, that needs to be mentioned, which is the cost of Lab Grown Diamonds the prices have drastically been dropping,pretty quick, over the past like 24 to 36 months and I can show you data that talks about that! and I think that is the one alarming thing about Lab Grown Diamonds, and that’s largely due to supply right, supply and demand, 

like as technology advances and gets better, they’re producing more and more in a shorter amount of time and Natural Diamond, you know because they’re natural right and it takes billions of years to form so there’s a limited supply! So when there’s a limited supply, that drives the prices higher!For Lab Grown Diamonds, there’s pretty much no cap on supply and I feel like that’s why the prices have been dropping year by year! 

So another thing is, you know value over time right! Natural Diamonds historically has  gone up in prices and retained its most of his value whenever you’ve purchased a Natural Diamond and even though you may not be buying a Diamond as an investment or trying to resell it for any reason, it’s still like a thing to consider you know,  for example if somebody purchased a Natural Diamond in my store,  I would offer them 100% trade-in value towards a larger upgrade, even though if you’re not looking for an upgrade there’s still value there! versus because there’s no cap on the supply on Lab Grown that’s why like currently I would say there’s very little resell value for Lab Grown, so that’s a that’s one thing to consider!

Now let’s go to the live comparison on hand of the Lab Grown versus Natural Diamond, both 2ct, both Round excellent cut, polish, symmetry G Color VS2 in Clarity.Let’s just see how they look different on hand compared side by side and in different lighting! 

All right so here we have a 2ct Lab Grown Round Brilliant cut Diamond, it is excellent cut polish and symmetry and this has aGCAL report so for those of you that are familiar with Lab-Grown, GCAL is one of the more popular laboratory reports for Lab Grown right now, GIA has just recently started doing Lab Growns so you will start to see more of the GIA reports surfacing on the market.

GCAL does give you a little bit more detail on the light performance and the overall cut of the Diamond and next to this Lab Grown, we have a 2ct GIA certified Diamond, that is also excellent cu tpolish and symmetry, they are both G Color and VS2 in Clarity, so they both have the same color and clarity and as far as the cut they are the same, so it shows the same fire

Just remember visually it is hard to tell between the two, but you always have to make sure that whichever one you choose, you always want to gofor the best  cut because that’s what’s gonna give you that sparkle and fire in your Diamond and if you are considering a Lab Grown Diamonds, take advantage of the fact that for less amountof money, you can not only get a higher caratbut also higher Color and Clarity!

Another pointer for me would be to look out for those weird tinges that are in well both natural and Lab Grown butLab Grown since it is so new, there are stones that have the brown or blue tinges and these are currently being heavily discounted on the internet and you know sometimes you may not know that because it’s not listed in the certificate

I’ll definitely recommend you to do more research on your own in regards to that and just be smart and be careful when you’re out there shopping and talk to an expert!

Make sure that whoever you’re buying it from has a process to help you filter those out! Okay! So now that you’ve seen the side-by-side comparison you can pretty much make your own judgmenton, you know whether or not you can tell which one is which, but don’t forget the most important thing whether you decide to buy a Natural or a Lab Grown Diamond is definitelythe quality of the cut, the material, everything!

A lot of times what you can’t see on those online you know 360 spinning videos, it’s like well you can’t really compare the sparkle because you know you’re not comparing it to another Diamond side by side and that’s true for both natural and Lab Grown and I know that you know there are also other things that are not listed on the report, you know say GIA or GRA you know sometimes, they’ll have tinges in the Diamond you know blue tinge, green tinge brown tinge that you don’t see when the Diamond is facing up that a lot of times will show when you flip the Diamond upside down!

So there are so many things to consider when buying a Diamond so make sure whichever choice you choose you are getting the best of that category! Another concern for a lot of people, it’s definitely sustainability and that goes for both natural mined Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds, so there’s a lot to know and a lot to you know that you can research and there’s a lot of articles about both of them and it’s for me it’s hard to explain all of it in this short article, so I’m gonna leave the articles below, so that you can read them about it!

So a lot of you are probably thinking what’s the bottom line?which one should I buy? what’s your personal opinion? you know, I get a lot of different clients that ask me that same question, I would say okay! Not one is better than the other right, it’s totally personal preference,

I definitely feel so the only advice I have for you. . . is definitely consider your partner! meaning maybe ask your partner, the person that’s going to be wearing it,before you decide to purchase, make a decision on this purchase, ask them! You know, if that’s something that you know they care about, you definitely want to be open about it and have a discussion. . . I mean it’s 2021. . .

I mean a lot of clients are shopping for diamond together, so this is definitely something that you should be talking about and doing research about, and if you really, I mean have to ask me I would say you know, if you want a 2ct Diamond and you have a budget of like say $5000-$7000 and you want the size, you want the look, and you want the quality then maybe consider a Lab Grown as an option, but just be aware of the long term value!

Right, there’s no, probably little or no resell value over time and if retaining value is a priority to you whichis in, well for me personally it is a priority, then natural would be a great option.

This is definitely something that you should sit and think and do your own research and come to your own conclusion about it!

Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed this article so to recap, I don’t want to say all the sethings that I just said in the article but, one important thing not to forget when you decide to buy natural or Lab Grown isdon’t forget about the quality of the setting guys! That is ,when I say setting, I’m talking about the setting right!

That is extremely important! Okay, even if you purchase a flawlessnatural or Lab Grown Diamond, if you don’t have the right setting, if it’s not made correctly,poor metal, poor quality workmanship doesn’t matter which diamond you purchase because it won’t shine the way it’s supposed to!

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