Sell ​​your jewelry and get the most out of it

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Sell ​​your jewelry and get the most out of it

When you sell your jewelry is it a victory or tragedy?

Which is better, root canal treatment, paying taxes, or selling jewelry? This is not a good choice, but here are some insights that can help you get rid of frustration from selling your jewelry.

Answer the following difficult questions: Do you receive the right price for jewelry? Or did I pay a lot? Two important areas of knowledge to get the best price for your jewelery are the factors that determine the value of heritage jewelery and the options for the disposing of it.

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Does that mean you have to be a gemologist just to sell your gems? No. However, some homework and notes can mean a much higher price paid for your jewelry.

Let’s start with what determines the value of heirloom jewelry. In general, used jewelery is generally not as valuable as new. Some customers could save hundreds of dollars by buying a used , but they declined.

Jewelery is a style-driven industry. Some styles are classic and last for decades, while others last only a few months. The price of outdated fashion jewelery will never increase. In fact, some styles are so underprivileged that the only value of jewelry is its intrinsic value.

Another reason could be that the jewelery may be out of date. Antique jewelery is very collectable and may require special options to sell. Knowing whether your jewelery is old, outdated, or antique can make a difference of hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

Condition is an important determinant of the price received for your gems or Jewelry. Damaged or broken jewelery is often not worth the cost of repair, but in most cases damaged jewelery is only valued for its intrinsic value.

Jewelery repairs are often counterintuitive. I saw a gem that was broken so low in repair costs that it could be easily justified. On the other hand, what seemed like a trivial problem made jewelery recyclable. Jewelery repair is one of the areas where you don’t want to “do it yourself”. Let an expert do it. Otherwise, it can be very expensive.

Worn jewelery affects value.

Reviving gems is a difficult recovery. Most worn jewelery is valued for its intrinsic value. Jewelery looks better when cleaned. Clean your jewelry properly before displaying it. If you don’t know the 100% correct way to clean your jewelery, have a professional jeweler clean it.

Some jewelry stores also offer free cleaning. WARNING: Improper cleaning can damage or destroy your jewelry. If you don’t know about gems or how to clean them, ask a specialist.

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Here are some cleaning tips. Never clean gold or jewelry with bleach. Ammonia-based cleaning products are used throughout the jewelery industry, but can damage some gems. Avoid them if possible and make sure you know if they will damage your jewelry gems.

Use mild soap with lukewarm water and a soft toothbrush, then rinse most jewelery well. Hard toothbrushes and toothpaste or toothpaste can damage gold and damage some gems. The best cleaning advice is to make sure you know which cleaner is best for your jewelry and do it carefully.

The jewelery industry has been recycling for thousands of years. In fact, some of the gold in her jewelery may have been used since the time of Jesus. Damaged jewelery that can be repaired is purchased because of its intrinsic value. The intrinsic value is the price of metals (gold, platinum, silver) and gems.

The refining process used to recycle metals uses strong chemicals and has strict environmental regulations that affect the price of the metals brought in for recycling. If you want to know how to calculate the price of metal, read on. If not, skip to the next paragraph.

The formula used to calculate the price is the price of the metal (cash price per day) multiplied by the purity (true precious metal content) multiplied by the weight (ounce, penny weight, or gram). Purity is the percentage of carat gold or precious metals (gold, platinum, silver). 24 carats are pure. 10 carats are 10/24 or 410 gold and the remaining weight is alloy. 14 carats are 14/24 or 583 gold and 18 carats are 18/24 or 750 gold. Platinum is usually 90% pure and 10% alloy.

Silver jewelery is usually sterling and has a purity of 925. The three weight units used in precious metals are troy ounces, pennyweights, and grams. Troy ounces are equivalent to 20 pennyweights (dwt) or 31.15 grams.

So here is an example. Suppose a 14K that weighs 10 grams and has a gold spot price of $ 300 works this way. $ 300 (spot price) x .583 (fineness of gold) is $ 174.90 per ounce divided by 31.15 (troy ounces to grams) to get $ 5.63 per gram multiplied by a 10 gram to $ 56.30. increase.these numbers are general and to not represent the value at the time of reading this article

Don’t forget to deduct the cost of retailer refining and profits. Then you will know the intrinsic value of the metal in your jewelry. The value of a heirloom can be determined 99% by the gem.Two important factors are the gem itself and its condition. Some gems have a higher value than others. Natural rubies are many times more valuable than synthetic rubies. Diamonds are generally more valuable than amethyst. Knowing the degree and rarity of your gems will help you understand their value.

The condition of the gem is important to its value.

Some chips and scratches can justify the cost of polishing. However, in most cases, chips and scratches make the gem unsightly and worthless. Tip: Careful handling of jewelry maintains higher value than carelessness.

A general description of the determinants of heritage jewelery is style, condition, and intrinsic value. Remember that jewelry value is paid according to the terms and demands at the time of sale, not in proportion to the amount paid.

Clean jewelery helps you display your items at their best  How do you find the best way to get the most out of your jewelry? Selling estate jewelery is an art of compromise. There is a balance between the dollars paid and the speed and ease of trading. If you need a high, fast and easy price, dream on. The higher the selling price of jewelery, the longer it takes and the harder it is to trade.

Finding another consumer to buy your jewelry is the most beneficial, but the most difficult, time consuming and problematic. Going to a retail store is the easiest and fastest way to sell, but you sell below wholesale. Finding the balance is a personal decision. Every way you sell heritage jewelery has its strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the price you received for the gem, the investment in the time you have to make to sell the gem is a comparison. How much is your time and energy worth? I know someone who has been driving the town for two days to earn over $ 20.

Don’t overlook the ease of trading. Not everyone decides to buy and pay cash on the spot. Some people visit a couple of times just to make a purchase decision. You may also have some confidence in sending your jewelery nationwide, and even a payment plan may be the only way a person can pay for jewelery. The balance of dollars paid against payment methods can be very complex.

This list of ways to sell estate jewelery is not exhaustive. Personal creativity can show you the best way to sell your jewelry, or one of the more traditional ways may work. Examine your options and weigh the pros and cons to find the best way to sell your heritage gems.

Auctions are a good way to sell estate jewelery. Cleaning up jewelery in a large auction house has a sophisticated feel. Nationally known auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s have expensive setup costs and standards. High-end jewelery is perfect for these auctions.

There are many regional auction houses where you can sell medium-sized  estate jewelery. Auctions can be very risky because the final price is unknown, but the risk can be a very positive selling price. The key to selling heritage jewelery at auction is to find the perfect home for your particular jewelery, know when it’s best to sell it, and be happy.

Online auctions have many benefits and certain risks. Online auctions like e-bay are auctions held on the Internet that reach audiences around the world. If the item sells, the cost of selling the item is modest and Sale is guaranteed. Which online auction to use is an important choice. Large auctions have many bids and sales.

Choosing the best category is another challenge. If you choose a smaller online auction company, many potential buyers will not be able to find your offer. The best decision to make is by investigating how a particular type of jewelery was sold. If possible send an email to other sellers asking if they got the price they wanted and what their sales experience was like.

The hardest part of an online auction is the actual transaction. Who will trust who first. Usually, the buyer sends the money, then the seller sends the item. The seller must also allow a period for the buyer to return the item for a full refund, for this reason its best to choose a well known auction outlet that acts as an escrow service.

Transactions fee’s can be high or low depending on which company is chosen but the transactional issues I have identified appear to be between 20% and 35% of most sales.

Jewelery brokers offer professional services for a fee. Think of a jewelery broker as a hired professional working for you in a very sophisticated market like the jewelery industry. Make sure the loyalty is just for you. Most jewelery Brokers are highly trained in gems and Jewelry.

Jewelery brokers charge percentages in the range of 10% to 50%, depending on the type of service offered. Brokers can help you find the piece to go to one of the best auction houses or find a local dealer who is willing to pay the best price quickly.

Some jewelry brokers also act as dealers and buy goods for immediate trading. Jewelery brokers are generally located in big cities and include a jewelery and search service.

Pawn shops and second-hand retailers are another type of carry-on sales option. Most are working on cash valuation of gems. The cash value of most traditional gems is a percentage of their intrinsic value. Percentages are the key to understanding this purchasing environment. Some distributors pay almost 90% of their intrinsic value, while others pay only 33%.

The only way to find the best price is to physically bring your jewelery to different stores. Then sell it at the store that offers the best value. Consignment offers a high price incentive at the time of sale, but it can take time. No one knows how long it will take or even if it will sell.

Shops that offer delivery range from thrift shops to elite jewelry stores. The type of heritage gem you have determines which store will sell your gem. Elite locations can provide excellent performance if you have high-end products in good condition.

Consignment sales usually consist of a contract between the amount of jewelry sold and the percentage that remains in the store. Some contracts have a limited term and who is responsible for loss or damage? To understand what happens and what doesn’t, you need to know the details of the contract. Some stores pay immediately, while others pay after a set amount of time or when you call. Check out the process when a store closes or relocates, many people have lost their jewelry.

Understand what the responsibility you and the store has. Also, find out how the store sells your jewelry. Will they advertise it or just leave it in the display case? Please contact them regularly to keep your jewelry up to date with the seller’s thoughts.

Newspapers provide people with the best opportunity to sell to retail customers,  ads consumers are probably comparing purchases more than anyone else. They know the price of your new jewelry and pay discounts on used jewelry items. Also note that the prices required by newspapers are rarely achieved and do not disclose their true market value. Sometimes gems are sold at a much lower price than what is advertised, or never sold.

However, with some caution and time, classified ads are generally one of the best prices you can get with the average estate jewelery. Retail customers are the highest price you can get for your estate jewelry.

Newspapers are one of many ways to get a sales message to a buyer. Bulletin boards provide an inexpensive way to reach people. Look for bulletin boards in the community or at work. If you get the right one, online bulletin boards can also work.

Network with friends and family can give clues to those who are willing to buy. Creativity is a powerful tool for reaching the general public. Use your imagination to think about who would be willing to buy  particular estate jewelery and get in touch with them. Be careful when selling jewelry to the general public. Never, never, never and never meet an unknown buyer in your home. Personal safety and anti-theft must be our top priority. Do not sell jewelry to the public unless you have a way to meet potential buyers in public places. Meet buyers in public places such as restaurants and malls.

If you want to buy jewelry, Scams must be next thing on your mind. Cash is the best transaction and checks of all kinds can be forged. Also, be careful about changing jewels. Scammers are looking for defenseless people. Some other security measures will let someone know about the time and place of your meeting.

You can even tell them to call after a meeting just to contact someone. It is convenient to have a mobile phone, we recommend that you include that number in your ad. You get a callback number and they can’t get your home address. It’s also a good idea to go with other people. I met a person who was just standing behind me and looking at me.

From time to time, scammers work in teams, and those who look at the whole situation find that they are in a bad situation in time to get them out of the way.

Finally, I would like to say one more thing. Most of the world is full of great people and everything should work. Trust your instincts. Stay diligent and awake. Don’t miss the chance to earn a little more by selling heritage jewelery.

Selling your heritage jewelry is not an everyday experience. Enjoy your adventure and learn new skills. A very positive side effect of selling jewelry is that you learn to evaluate it. You will be a very smart jewelry buyer.

Enjoy the trip selling your Jewelry

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