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5 Men’s Styles Masculine Male  Every Man Should Consider.


Today I’m going to be giving you a guide on men’s necklaces.

 Today, I’m really just going to be talking about the five styles, five styles which you should consider. I know this is a pretty controversial subject.

This is something a lot of guys just do not see themselves ever wearing a necklace and I’m going to address that. Now, I want to mention three people came together and they decided, “You know, we’re going to make masculine , that doesn’t apologize for what it is and is going after the man who wants to stand out, who isn’t afraid and is proud to wear , necklaces, bracelets, things like that. Very unique designs.. Okay. Let’s get to necklaces. Now, today, I’m going to talk about five styles. Like I said, in the article I’m going to go into a more detail on materials and things like that. But the first style I want to talk about, maybe not so much as style but something that’s become a bit iconic.

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1.Dog Tags Can you guess what is the style that pretty much every military man is almost required to wear? The dog tag.

The dog tag actually came out of function but if anyone wants, I’d love to hear you in the comments of what the function of the dog tag is, but basically you get two sets and most guys would put one pair on their boot, another pair around their neck and that is necklaces. Many of us when you get used to it will like the feel of it and even when we leave the military, many of us continue to wear it. I actually still have my dog tags.

I don’t normally wear them but it’s just a reminder of a bit of my history, of what I went through. I don’t normally wear them, but most men who had served in many branches in the military, I don’t know about outside the US how many other branches use this, but when you get used to this, you’ve worn this necklace and it’s a function piece.

That’s it. If you go back and you look at the history of necklaces, that the function was that they show that you actually had means. They were an outside symbol of wealth that you, in a sense, can provide and it was something that women look at. Men used to actually be the peacocks of society.

We had to send these outside messages that “Hey, we were a good provider. ” Believe it or not, this did make us more attractive. You still see this in many cultures, in many areas. I’m here in Los Angeles.  I can tell you, I see a lot of style. Now, these guys maybe wouldn’t equate into this but I see young men, I see older men dressing in a manner that they show innocence what they have.

Necklaces have a long history. Okay. That was a side note. Let’s talk about basically style number one which is the dogtag that most men have it or many men have one.

2.Chains Number two, we’re going to be talking about chains. In the article I get into more detail about gold, silver and the different types of platinum and chains out there but chains  They’re usually medium length and if you wear a shirt like I could be wearing a chain right now and you guys wouldn’t see it

.Maybe if I unbuttoned my shirt, you’d see a little bit of it. I usually see this in areas of warmer weather. I know they’re much more popular. When I’m in Miami or even here in parts of California, it seems like warmer weather, change in wear. In colder weather, they’re usually able to wear more clothing and accessorize more. But in hotter areas, you can wear a chain and it’s not going to add really any heat to your body and it adds a bit of style to whatever you’re wearing.

So we talked about dog tags and chains.

3.Religious Necklaces Let’s talk about religious necklaces. I grew up Catholic and my father gave to me a scapular. The deal with the scapular, if you don’t know the history, it’s supposedly if you die when you wear this, you go to heaven. I’m not going to say whether that’s true or not, but what I am going to say is that this was something that I wore for quite a few years and there are many men out there who whether they be Christian, whether they be Jewish, whether they be Islamic, whether they be Buddhist, that they want to wear something that reminds them of their faith. Men are wearing this.

They’ve got something on them that reminds them of their history and their religion and something that they hold true to. That is the third style.

4.Pendant Necklaces Now, the fourth style is more, it actually encompasses some of the ones I talked about but pendant-style or pendants. Basically, a pendant is where you have a string or a chain and then there’s a single item attached at the bottom.

Many religious pieces are pendants. Usually, it’s reserved more for women that wear pendant. We think of feminine But many women can wear —  in California or Hawaii you may see some guy wearing a shark’s tooth that perhaps he found on the beach and it means something to him. I remember back in high school during our football season, we actually had — I grew up in Midland Greenwood and in case you’re not familiar, West Texas, football is huge. And I had this little, I think it was light blue. It was a very light blue string and on it we had a chain link. That chain link was supposed to symbolize that as a team we’re only as strong as our weakest link. I really thought that was a good analogy of how we had to band together and become one and work together to have a great season.

Now, we didn’t make the playoffs so it didn’t fully work but I do remember it and I guess it didn’t work because here I am talking about it. Those are pendants.

The thing with having a masculine pendant is you don’t it to be overly large. You don’t want to go into costume jewelry. So let’s talk about the last piece– chokers.

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5.Chokers ,Chokers are necklaces. Usually, they can be worn much closer to the neck. If I was wearing a choker right now, you would be able to see it. . They’re not supposed to choke you but they do, in a sense, very close around the neck. Chokers, you’re going to see, are made from various materials. Hemp, I know is pretty popular. I was just up in the Portland, Seattle area and I saw some men wearing hemp chokers.

Oftentimes, maybe beads can be worn. Now, the key with the choker is it needs to be non-irritating and so make sure whatever you choose that you wear it at least for a couple of days and you make sure that you’re not rubbing yourself, you’re not going to have a reaction to the material. So those are the five styles. Now, in the comments below, I would love to hear from you guys about what you think about necklaces.

Can they be worn in a masculine manner? If you guys want to answer that question I asked about dog tags, go for it. 

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