Jewellery tips: How to style bracelets

Jewellery tips: How to style  

Bracelets can add a pop of color or a splash of style to an outfit. Depending on your bracelet style and color selections, you can easily jazz up an outfit for any occasion. Here are a few tips to help you style bracelets:

1. Wear a single bracelet that contrasts with your outfit, as a way to add interest.

2. Mix and match different bracelet styles and colors for a more versatile look.

3. Choose a bracelet that is the same hue as your outfit, to add a touch of unity.

4. Use different textures, like velvet or leather, to add an elevated look.

5. Accessorize with matching earrings and a necklace for a complete look.

I’m going to show you how to create layered looks using bracelets. Sophisticated, edgy, stylish, there’s a look for every side of you. So, today, we’re going to be looking at these different bracelets. I’ve got charm bracelet, , an open bangle and a leather bracelet.

A good place to start, would be with a favourite statement piece or a more everyday look that you can dress up or down depending on what mood you’re in. When creating a layered look, it could be a good idea to find a common theme maybe a pattern or material or some stones. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same or match too much but as long as there’s a common theme it kind of ties to look together. First I’m going to show you a look with mixed metals and styles and this is a really great way to bring life to some of your old and also to maybe introduce some of your newer pieces.

Some Pandora is made to be worn in different ways, like this snake chain bracelet has a padlock here, so you can wear it as it is here or you can take it off and use it as a pendant on a necklace or even as a charm on a different bracelet.

So I’m just going to take this padlock off and add it to a bangle here, now I feel already the look is kind of tied together cause you’ve got the sterling silver and you’ve got the Pandora rose. So this is going to be my first charm but I want to make it more personal, so I’m going to add some of my favourite charms. The first one I want to add is this cute crystal charm. Very romantic to go with the Pandora rose. The next charm is my ice cream charm, because this reminds me of one Pharrell Williams had his ice cream trainers out and I was completely obsessed with them.

So this is kind of bringing me back good memories. Now as a look you could wear it just like this but since we’re focusing on layered looks I’m going to step it up a bit.

To add more depth to the look I’m going to add this beaded bracelet keeping with the Pandora Rose theme here. So far we’ve got some nice finishes going on here but I’d really like to lift the look a little bit with some more texture. A good way to do that would be with this sterling silver mesh bracelet and I really love this little heart pendant going with the romantic theme.

I think that’ll work very nicely. Remember to use the pieces that you love. Now I’m gonna show you something a little bit different it’s going to be with different styles that have similar features and I take this Pandora shine bracelet. I love these slider bracelets, because you can adjust the strap for a more loose fit or a more tight fit. Meaning that it’s a great gift because it’s always going to fit whoever you get it for.

I’ve already added my busy bee and my crown O, because I’m a busy bee and I’m a queen.

Here we have the base of the look. Layering bracelets isn’t about how many bracelets you use, it’s about choosing the right pieces to complete the look. I’d like to show a little bit more texture with this look, so I’m going to add the Pandora reflexions into the mix. It has a nice texture with the mesh effect here from the woven metal.

You can choose to style it like this but I think adding a clip kind of adds some depth to the look. So I’m gonna keep on this simple circle and you can adjust it to ever you want it to be on the band. Now that we’ve added this silver charm to the mix, it means that I can actually expand with this silver sterling reflexions bracelet, which is the same bracelet but in a different metal. It really adds some depth and it’s tied together the look with the circle charms here. So I think this is a really simple look but with a bold statement and you can use this in a lot of situations I think it ties it all really well together but it’s still kind of edgy.

Finally I’d like to show you how to create a layered look using the same metal. So you most likely already own a bracelet or a bangle similar to this one and it’s a really good place to start, not just for collecting charms but also as a base in a more layered look. You can stack it really easily as it is, or if you’re more into charms you can use some of the charms that mean something to you. For me, I’m going to start off with a little bit of bling and I like here, there we go. Something I love.

Something that reminds me of somewhere special and I’ll finish it off with a little bit more bling here, it’s a kind of tied it up all together. Cute! That’s the sound it makes. Not all the bracelets are for charms, I really love this tennis bracelet with a lot of sparkle on it here. I’m gonna add that to the mix here.

I love that it’s so classic in its feel here. I’m also gonna add a bangle here, which is the Pandora wish bangle it is kind of shaped like a wishbone but some people also call it a chevron.

It really makes it looks super fancy. This is a very dressed up kind of look, I would wear this on a casual day as well but definitely you can dress this up with a nice dress as well. If you are working with a layered bracelet look it might be a good idea to kind of tone down your other , just so that it doesn’t steal too much focus.

You might not feel that you’ve nailed the combination the first time but don’t worry just like everything else it takes practice to find the right combination for you. Forget about the rules, it’s about how it makes you feel and what it means to you. So hope you’ve enjoyed watching and that you feel inspired to create your own meaningful styles.

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